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@tech_inventions The Kia Imagine is a “pure concept” car designed to attract attention and stir conversation at the Geneva Motor Show 2019.​ It even turned 21 screens into a dashboard. There’s a total clash between the gentle wave-like arrangement of the screens and the jagged, zigzaggy sharpness of their corners.​ It lets go of any sensible restraints. Beyond the multiscreen dashboard, the Kia Imagine has a few other intriguing design ideas. The seats are inspired by the form of crumpled paper, and Kia calls their shape a shockwave design. The carpeted floor of the cabin extends up to nearly halfway on the doors’ interior, lending a stronger sense of an enclosed space when traveling in the car, as if in a cocoon. The upper part of the doors is dressed in a metallic fabric, which is literally metal threads woven together.​ This entire car is truly a designer’s indulgence​. 📷: @vladsavov
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2 months ago