Jordan πŸ“š Jordan πŸ“š β€’ #JBCBOOKREVIEW β€’ TITLE: Wanderers AUTHOR: Chuck Wendig GENRE: Sci-Fi RELEASE DATE: 7/2/19 SYNOPSIS: a mysterious sleepwalking sickness is infecting Americans: the CDC doesn't know what's causing it and the sleepwalkers can't be woken up or stopped, forcing their families to "shepherd" them and protect them on their journey, all while various groups (religious zealots, politicians, nazis) use "the flock" to their own benefit. β€’ THOUGHTS: So, I wasn't going to review this book until next week. I was actually supposed to review a different high-profile book today, but (shockingly) it was just another subpar suspense/thriller, which seems on trend lately. I don't know about you, but I'm tired of these forgettable, unsatisfying books, and I hate having to write negative reviews. β€’ So, instead I'm reviewing Wanderers. Because Wanderers deserves your attention. Wanderers is OUTSTANDING. Wanderers excites me. You want well-developed characters and complex relationships? Read Wanderers. You want grounded sci-fi that ranks up there with bookstagram faves like #Recursion and #StationEleven? Read Wanderers. You want twists and turns and edge-of-your-seat action? Read Wanderers. β€’ I know what you're thinking: 750 pages is way too long. Whatever. It would take you just as long to read two β€˜meh’ books about "The Silent Girl Who Lied About The Last Time She Saw Her Mother", and instead you could have spent that time reading this epic, cinematic novel that ranks among books that this community is consistently raving about: #TheStand, #It, #NOS4A2, #TheHeartsIncredibleFuries, and #ThePassage (all 500+ pages). We shouldn't be wasting our time reading/promoting average books. We should be challenging ourselves to read and champion books that truly deserve our attention. Wanderers does, and I'm going to make sure it gets it. #JordyMadeMeDoIt? You're damn right. RATING: 10/10
#JBCBOOKREVIEW #Recursion #StationEleven #TheStand #It #NOS4A2 #TheHeartsIncredibleFuries #ThePassage #JordyMadeMeDoIt
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